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Next Step — Feldenkrais


Feldenkrais Practitioners provide support, relieve pain and build hope. Through intelligent movement explorations in private Functional Integration® (FI) sessions and Awareness Through Movement Classes® (ATM) you will engage your brain along with your body in new and novel ways that help you take your next step towards your goal. Next Step Consulting promotes balance and ease from head to toe (list of conditions).


Contact me for a Consultation today! to discuss your specific questions on how I can help you.

Benefits Include:

The Feldenkrais Method® has helped:


As a wellness consultant and Feldenkrais Practitioner with advanced studies in body, mind and spirit, I delight in serving my clients by providing answers, suggestions and referrals as appropriate for their life long learning.


LeeAnn Starovasnik working with clients.

Little changes can make a big difference. For a list of conditions LeeAnn has worked with, see Feldenkrais Head to Toe.


ATM Feldenkrais Class


ATM Feldenkrais Class


LeeAnn Starovasnik